Character Spotlight – Zachery

As stated elsewhere, the first Massively Multiplayer Online game I ever played was Shadowbane, back in 2001. This was a completly pvp game, however there was, on the Mourning server, a massive RP community. I was not a fan of pvp, and took part in as little of it as I could manage, but after about a year of playing the game began to wonder “why do I play this game?” There was no Player vs Environment content to inspire me to level up a character. There were no special events to take part in like Raids or Dungeons. Granted, at the time I had never played a game that had raids or dungeons, so I did not know of their existence, which in the end is why I think City of Heroes so easily pulled me away from Shadowbane.

But, back to the point. My first character on the Mourning Server was inspired by a couple things. I was unaware at first that people RP’d within Shadowbane, and so I had logged some time on another server, which I can’t recall the name. While playing on the test server, I met someone who told me of the RP on Mourning, and so I made a Human Ranger character named Barbarosa the Judicator. Now, my reasons behind that name differ now than they did at the time. Originally, he had been called that simply because I was a history buff, and felt like adding a little history into the RP. Nevertheless, I named him such in honor of Frederick Barbarosa, the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (which was neither holy, nor roman, nor an empire, discuss.) The group of people I RP’d with in Shadowbane are actually some of the best I have ever had the delight of RPing with. Aleksander Zachery was born of this RP, and that was the name I gave the character, eventually, designating “Barbarosa the Judicator” as a title earned through his deeds. At one point, I was poised to join these same people as we planned to bring our Shadowbane characters into the world of Age of Conan. Age of Conan however required a ridiculous assortment of computer specs that my computer was lacking, I could not play the game, and simply did a little RP with them on the guild forums they made. The story behind Barbarosa in Shadowbane became adapted in every game I played him in after that, altered slightly to fit the different continuity. Eventually, this happened as well as I added him as one of the main characters in Repeating History.

Warwick Zachery was another soldier in the same time as William and Daniel Bennett. Warwick helped the brothers fight against the Undead, and rebuild their kingdom in the founding of Havenshire. Every notable point in the history of Haven has always had a descendant of the Bennett family working alongside with a descendant of the Zachery family. They are seemingly destined to be eternal friends and comrades. In fact, it was one Edmund Zachery that retrieved the book during a second war against the Undead, when the Crimson Consortium failed to protect the kingdom from the combined forces of Half-Giants and Undead soldiers.

Mikael Zachery is a war hero, who has proved himself in many skirmishes against the Half-Giants in his time, and now his son, Alek, is the next in the Zachery line. Yet their destined comrades, the Bennett’s, seem to be extinct as the bloodline has been diluted through many marriages with other families.


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