Character Spotlight – Bennett

The Bennett family goes back before the founding of the Kingdom of Haven and the city of Havenshire. My first involvement with the Bennett family was in AOL online role-play. I was young, and did not know what role-play was at the time, but wound up in a chat room titled “The Forest” and wondered what a chat-room with that title was all about. I went in, and realized that people were typing actions. How people today, and even back then, could not figure out that this simple realization answered any question about what it meant to role-play is beyond me. Confusion that arises in people when they see role-play in action simply makes me weep for their lack of intelligence. My first character, ever, was William Bennett. At the time, I was young and so my imagination had not fully developed to the point it’s at now, and so I made up William Bennett based off some story I had read. I don’t recall what that story was, but he was a man who had been separated from his family, namely his brother. Will carried a sword made of a golden colored metal, called the Sword of Wisdom. The first time I played him, someone else in the room had a similar background for their character, whose name was Daniel. We interacted, and simply on a whim in the moment, decided to play each character’s brother. The guy was older than me, and in fact I seem to recall him mentioning a wife, meanwhile, I was much younger. That was the first incident, but it seems to have been a pattern since then that I always end up in gaming and role-play with people older than me. I feel more comfortable with a more mature crowd I guess.

In Segregation Eras, William and Daniel Bennett are two brothers in different divisions of the Verdania military. They are key people in saving the people from the threat of the Undead that plague the world around them. William Bennett becomes the first king of the new kingdom after the Kingdom of Verdania is destroyed by the Undead. Thus, William and Daniel help found the Kingdom of Haven. The Bennett name does not linger long in the line of royalty in Haven, though their bloodline carried through. William’s daughter took the throne after William stepped down, and thus when she married the name of the royal house changed. Elizabeth Bennett married the son (Kain Whatman) of one of William and Daniel’s friends; Dorian Whatman. For a few generations following, the Whatman name carried the role of Royalty in Haven, till again, the only heir born was a female. The name changed a few times, till the events that occur before and leading up to Repeating History, till another of the Bennett line is discovered. While William’s half of the family line ended with his daughter Elizabeth, William’s brother and his wife bore a male descendant to carry on the name. Thus, during the events of (or soon following) Repeating History a man by the name of Edward Bennett is found to be in hiding. Whether or not he takes the throne, or is discovered by anyone that can help him claim such, I shall leave a mystery.


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