The Future of Havenshire

Got a bit of a response from my last post, Magic and Mystery. I was surprised at the number of people that liked and followed after that post, to be honest, considering I’ve had little to no responses prior. Maybe it means something, who knows. I’ve sent the prologue and the first six chapters of Repeating History to my friend, now I just wait to see what he says. To give a taste, I am gonna post a few chapters here as well, the ones I at least am sure won’t be changing any further from here. I’ll post up on the right side here with my other pages on my blog a link list for the chapters, so people can easily re-read without hunting through the list of my posts. (Though I don’t really post all that much to begin with, still just want to help make things easier.)

To give a little look into the story before chapters are posted…


Verdania is a land of repeating troubles. For centuries, the people of Verdania have dealt with war against neighboring countries, and the threat of the Undead. Numerous times, these threats even united as one threat. Now, an even darker force threatens the lives of all within Verdania. However, there is always someone stronger, and the dark force behind the most recent war against Verdania is merely the puppet of an even larger force that has seemingly been a part of numerous issues against the living world. How deep do these dark threats go? And who is the person officially in control of it all?

Alek Zachery is the son of Mikael and Myst Zachery. The Zachery family has played a consistently big role in the history of Verdania, along side other key families amongst the nobility of Havenshire. Mikael himself is the hero of the last war against the Half-Giants of the north. Alek is destined for great things in his future, but what exactly is in store for him? His journey begins at the tender age of eight.


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