Magic and Mystery

So, It has been a good long while since I put any effort into putting thought to paper for Repeating History. However, recently I’ve decided to get back to it. I started by re-reading what I had, and made some changes. So far, it’s just been some elaboration, however, in chapter four I find myself making a few, more drastic, changes. I’m wanting to make some things more mysterious, in desire to do like Tite Kubo, and all his left hooks in the story of Bleach. So, I’m taking out some things, rewording so that it’s less evident right away, so that it is more dynamic for the reader to find out about later on in the story. Hopefully, this works. I am sending some chapters to a close friend of mine, to let him read little by little, and see if he agrees with me in my goal for the story. (He too is a proud, flag waving, nerd like me, and loves Bleach as well.)

Anyway, on top of that, I’ve started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and got hooked on it rather quickly. It is more fun than WoW at the moment, for reasons other than it being something new, though it still has a way to go to fix some issues that arise. I think though that Bioware will have no trouble with getting this game up there in the top games. The Silverleaf family has moved on from Azeroth to Republic Space anyway. I’ll load up some screen shots sometime, but for now, I’m gonna remain as focused as can be on my story. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished soon, because when the next Nanowrimo begins, I would definitely like to be working on the next part of the story, The Face of Evil. I hope I can be in that spot by November. I am not trying to rush summer along (even though I prefer colder temperatures, but I do so hate snow).

Back on topic, I mentioned that I was sending a few chapters at a time to a close friend, because I wanted his opinion on a very specific aspect of the writing, but if anyone else knows what I mean by the left hooks of Bleach, and is welcome to very specific questions based upon what you would be reading, feel free to drop me a note and volunteer to read bit by bit as well. I welcome the opinions and critique. I’ll eventually post chapters here again, but as I believe I’ve stated before, I want to wait till I’m at least satisfied with how it’s coming along. I’d hate to post a chapter then take it down because of some major changes.


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