Failure and Distractions

Well, I have failed to write anything new for my story. I did go through what I had written in November, and edit a bit, fixing typos, grammatical errors, and elaborating on a few scenes, adding nearly 3,000 extra words to the original count at the end of November, however, my story remains 30 chapters in, and only around the 53,000 word mark. I plan to repeat this process, and elaborate more on what is already written, on top of adding to the story in time, however, during the month of December I simply found myself too distracted to press on.

The Dresden Files has been read. I find it amazing, really, that in the time between September to December, I read the entire series; from Storm Front to Ghost Story (minus the Side Jobs short story collection). I loved the series, though Changes and the beginning of Ghost Story did not sit on the same level as the rest of the series for me. At the end of Ghost Story though, I came out reasonably satisfied, and can’t wait to read more. I have heard, I forget where, that Butcher will be writing the next book from Molly’s point of view, which merely makes me truly wonder what Mab has in store for Harry, and what more training Lea has for Molly. While waiting for the 14th installment of Dresden-esque hilarity, I plan to read Butcher’s other series, and picked up Furies of Calderon and Academ’s Fury today at the library.

Aside from that however, I looked back at a previous series of books I read. The Anita Blake series to be specific. I stopped reading that series around Blood Noir, no idea what number book that was, but I recall it taking me forever to finish those books, but after reading the Dresden series, and looking back at those books … they’re so thin in comparison. I find it amazing that in three or four months, I read thirteen books, but the Anita Blake ones took me much longer to finish. Granted, after The Killing Dance, the series became nothing more than sex, sex, sex, and I quickly grew bored. I am a guy, and I like me some sex, but I would prefer a little sex with my plot, rather than a little plot with my sex. It felt like nothing more than porn and I just didn’t care enough. And I’ve heard tale that the Merry Gentry series, also written by Laurel K Hamilton, was worse than Anita Blake in that department. Good thing I never read Merry Gentry.

So, anyway, from here, I shall follow the tales of Tavi in the land of Alera, and see how he shall work with magic. I’m excited, to say the least. Once I’m finished with this series, I will more than likely get back to writing my own stuff, and will hopefully have more inspiration from that story to really pump out the chapters. So wish me, and Aleksander Zachery, luck, and you all have a Happy New Year.


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