And for my first act…

I am going to attempt to be amazing here…

Now, this may just prove to be an exercise in futility, but after writing 50,000 words in the month of November, I am going to attempt to repeat this feat in December. Since 50,000 words amounted to roughly half the story I wanted to tell, I hope that by repeating this, I’ll finish the first part of my Segregation Eras series.

Those wishing for quick updates to this, please follow me on Twitter, as my posts here will automatically put a link on twitter to said post. I will however, as much as I can remember to, post about these updates on Facebook as well, just to reach the most of the people interested, as I am fully aware that not everyone cares for Facebook, and not everyone cares for Twitter.

So, anyway. Segregation Eras: Repeating History, the first (written) part of my series is currently 31 chapters long (prologue, and 30 following chapters). It details the events of the world of Verdania, and the human race that lives there. The main characters include Yami, Aleksander Zachery, Elvulith Silverleaf, and the three Rowanspear brothers, Dalin, Forin, and Corin. These are many characters that people will recognize should they have gamed with me in Shadowbane, Guild Wars, and World of Warcraft.

This story is not the beginning of the true story, since in my mind, the detail of Yami’s past counts as the beginning. However, since his past is more closely tied to historical fact, I wanted to give myself time to research more on the events of that time period before I actually write about his history. Anyone who say my Face of Evil post here a while back will know of what I speak. The Warring States period of Japan is a complex bit of history I don’t want to mess up when writing about someone in that period.

Anyway, wish me luck folks!


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