Nanowrimo v2

So the month is over at the end of the day, and Nanowrimo finishes as well. I finished my writing on the 28th, reaching 50,050 words. I was skeptical along the way that I would finish, but I managed to pull it through.

Evidently, however, my 50,050 words only equals about half of the first story, so I’ll continue writing. If I focus on it in December like I did in November, perhaps I could finish it before the year is out, but I feel like taking a little time on it from here, and really focusing on getting it the way I wanted. I admit, I did a little summarizing while writing in November, so I’d like to go back, and elaborate with a little more detail first, before pushing to the end of the story.

I am liking the way it has come out so far, and hope that such view on it shall remain till its completion. If so, then the first “chapter” of Segregation Eras is complete, and I might be able to give a shot at trying to get it published. On that note, I am increasingly more skeptical of it, but, it won’t get anywhere if I don’t give it a try.

I shall post the chapters here once I have it fully written out this time, and have the chance to show it to a friend of mine who I’ve asked to proofread for me. I didn’t do so well with grammar in school, so I need another set of eyes to look it over. And also, before it gets published, I would like to get someone good at drawing to help me with some imagery, and a map, for the story.


Till then, huzzah! I did it!


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