November is National Novel Writers Month.

This is news to me, but I had heard about the site from a friend, and happened to see a flyer at my local library about a challenge pertaining to NaNoWriMo in November, writing 50k words in the month of November.

I’ve delayed writing up the first part of Segregation Eras, been quite busy since I lost my job, going around with resumes, and applying for a new job. Still no result from such, but I’ve decided to take part in this Nanowrimo challenge. Perhaps it will amount to something, whether I win or not.

Just for, as always, the desire to get some feedback on my writing, I shall resume posting chapters, as I get them finished. I’m currently working on chapter 6 today.


The goal of Nanowrimo’s challenge is to write. 50,000 words in a month seems like a struggle. Even my father is skeptical. In school, there were much lower requirements for reports and such, but that was also while I was busy with other work from other classes. While I’ll still be sending out applications and resumes for a new job, without having anything else to hold my attention, I feel I’ll have the time for this challenge. I’m already on schedule, not counting what I write for today. Even if the 50,000 words isn’t perfect, or fully tells the story, I can always go back and write more afterwards, which is what I plan to do. I seriously don’t think 50,000 words would tell the whole story.

So, crossing my fingers. Wish me luck.


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