Bear with me…

As I clean away the dust…

Well, it’s been a grand long time since I’ve last posted here. A lot has gone on. I am unemployed again, have cancelled my WoW account. I still have time on the account, paid off for a little while, so I still play from time to time, but I’ve also lost a lot of interest in the game. I won’t say it has anything directly to do with changes to the game, I’ve simply not felt like playing as much. On top of that, due to my lack of money, I am not stuck to simply using a laptop, and while it is better than my old computer, it’s processor is lacking, and I don’t think I’d be able to handle raids anymore.

I have been looking into various other games, I picked up Starcraft 2 again, somewhat, and have been playing that and League of Legends in what free time I have. I have also been looking forward to the releases of Diablo 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If I have the money come January, I might pick up TOR rather than renew WoW. But I more than likely won’t have the money, so who knows where I’ll be in the future.

I have also been doing a little reading. I was introduced to the Dresden Files series of books. For some reason, my library classifies this as Science Fiction when it is so clearly not. It’s Fantasy first and foremost. There’s nothing science fiction about it. Anyway, I’ve read the first two books of the series ( Storm Front and Fool Moon ) and have started on the third, Grave Peril. I’m half way through it, and am loving the series, even though I disagree with a lot of what the author states for vampires. The rest of it is fascinating though, so I stick to it. It, along with other things, has inspired me to get back into my own writing.

Era of Unification has not been scrapped, but I pretty much have shoved it to the side, and use it merely as notes now, as I have begun writing up, in more detail, the Segregation Eras, so that I can more appropriately portray the story in chronological order. I have started with the short story I had posted here, which was titled Fighting the Apocalypse. So far I haven’t written up any chapters, but I’ve been working on reorganizing and planning out the order of events in my mind. I hope to have it fleshed out soon. I decided on changing some of what was in the original writing, and if you read the original Era of Unification chapters, then you’ll recognize a few scenes, and see the little bit of change once I get it written up and posted here.

With that, I plan to re-focus the blog once more on my writing, rather than WoW, since I won’t be playing it much any longer. So, I’ll go back to the Silvercrest name and try once more to dedicate this to my writing. In time, I’ll resume posting chapters, but for now I’ll keep my focus on some of the writing before I start posting them again.

Till then, see ya.


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