Name Change

I have altered the name of this blog, and taken the pages including the chapters of my story off of this site. There did not appear to be enough people coming by and looking and commenting to help me complete the story, so I have decided to just stop posting. If people are genuinely interested in the story, I shall share with those people, just ask and you shall receive.

Therefore, I shall simply limit this blog to discussion on my WoW endeavors. It saddens me, a bit, but I guess there aren’t enough people looking at for writers. Seems kind of ironic and counter-intuitive, but whatever, life is life.

Anyway, on a less sour note, I finally got to run BWD a little bit with my mage. We downed the First boss, but my latency was super high throughout the fight, and once that fight was done, the latency spiked even higher, and I could not continue. I partied with a friend of a friend, so I was not with my own guild, or Supremacy that I got my DK into and have not really gotten anywhere with.

As usual, the next tier of raid content is live in WoW, and I still haven’t finished the first set. That seems to be a pattern for me no matter what character/server I’m on. This both frustrates and depresses me. I guess that didn’t end up being a less sour topic. Oh well…



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2 responses to “Name Change

  1. Clara Thornbranch

    Hi Ken. I am Clara Thornbranch, and I help to guild lead a guild on Wyrmrest Accord called Lithium Veil. I found your site quite by accident. I wanted to let you know I’ve appreciated quite a few of your stories, and that we run a blog-site for our guild for members who love to creatively write for themselves and their characters. I wasn’t sure if you were keeping this current, and by the looks of the post I’m responding to it seems you may have given up. I want to invite you to continue and perhaps contact us in the guild if you have any interest in doing so.
    I do not want to offend you by leaving links to our websites in your blog, but you should be able to find us very easily using wow armory and then contacting us in game if you still play. I’ll be adding a post link to your blog site in our forums as one of my inspirational tools. Those of our members who are active and attentive will recognize you if you are looking for us. You can also private message me on the wow forums as well if I’m not mistaken.

    • Well, hello Clara. I had pretty much given up on this blog, since no one seems to visit, for no matter what reason. I got little surges here and there, but never a consistent audience. Anyway, based off of your name, and what little I can make out of your image there, you and Lithium Veil are alliance. Well, I play horde on Wyrmrest Accord mainly, and only have one alliance character I play from time to time. He is not anywhere near max level, but thank you for the offer.

      As for the topic of writing, I’d be glad to take a look at your blog, however, in addition to removing my pre-existing story from this site, I have begun to restructure it. In short, I have scrapped every chapter up to now, and begun re-writing, to take more of a focus on the Segregation Eras view first. I am beginning with the tale around the character Aleksander Zachery and his dealings with Yami. However, I felt I should start with Yami’s past first, his past is woven more throughout actual historical fact that for me it leaves little room to play, because I don’t want to end up writing something that goes against Japanese history.

      Anyway, if you’re interested in that, that can be found posted on deviantart, where my name is the same as my main character in WoW, Dorenduil. I will take a look at your own guild’s blog however, and if you wish to say hi to me in game, keep the character Rowanspear on list, he’s my lone alliance character.

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