Call of Duty: Azeroth

Don’t get any crazy ideas now…

I have moved my Blood Elf Death Knight to a new guild now, called Supremacy. This was done to get more active in raids. Hopefully. I have been attempting to endure heroics with him, and have bumped up a few items due to drops and rep purchases. He is now sitting at roughly a 340 il, and I am busting myself to get exalted with Ramkahen, so I can get those 359 bracers, and so I can hopefully get new gear improvements to make me able to contend in ZG or ZA heroics. It’s all a matter of time… However, as a bonus, through these heroics, I’ve gained 2 chaos orbs. 1 more, and I’ll be able to make a new chestpiece for his tanking gear. I just need to find an alchemist to transmute the pyrium into truegold.

Over the holiday weekend,  however, I did focus more on my alliance rogue, who dinged 85 on Sunday night. He has since stabbed into regular dungeons, and gotten a couple upgrades as well through that and rep purchases. I am also considering transferring him to a new server, because I don’t really have any friends there anymore, or any raid/RP prospects. Mainly because Suramar is not a RP server, so no surprise there, and Suramar has never been a very raid successful server to begin with. So, to remedy this, I’ve been looking around at other RP servers to move this character, though my first instinct is to move him to Moon Guard, where I know some people, and where I can enjoy some RP (so long as I stay away from Goldshire). However, I will look around and see if I can find another good RP server. I doubt it though, the RP community is lacking. I tried out Ravenholdt, which is an RP-PvP server, and made a Death Knight. I could not complete any quests in Hellfire Penninsula because every Horde character in the zone was attacking me on sight. So, no thank you, goodbye.

So, the hunt continues, but something tells me I’ll just end up on Moon Guard, which is ok, because I know some people there. Not a lot, but some. Anyway, until the next update, I bid adieu.


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