Character Spotlight

I came up with this idea rather on the ball today, as I was thinking last night upon how to progress with my story. So, to kick off this idea, I felt I’d share on one of my older characters. Now mind you, I don’t mean older in character age, but rather a character who has lived longer within my mind. So, spotlight #1!

Aleksander Zachery the Judicator:

This character was born in my first online RP experience within a game I played. As I’ve stated in a previous post, my first RP experience came from AOL Chat-room based RP, however, my first experience in a game with RP was in Shadowbane, around 2001, or so. I played him there as a Human Ranger Blademaster. He wielded a two-handed sword with expertise. I had been playing Shadowbane for a little while before I discovered RP existed there. I learned about it while on the test server, from someone who normally played on the Mourning server. He told me there was a trend with a lot of role players on Mourning, naming their characters in the style of ancient Europe’s titling systems. (i.e. Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Edward Longshanks the Avaricious) so I decided to try out that trend, and check out the RP. With my love of history in mind, I went with Barbarosa the Judicator. I gave him a red beard, and originally played him with a german accent. I ended up not lingering in Shadowbane for long, and after Shadowbane I played City of Heroes. The lore and continuity of CoH couldn’t support the character being role-played, but I did make a character themed after him, which was a Broadsword/Super Reflexes scrapper with green and brown leathers for his costume. There, he was named simply, Justicar. After issue 5 in CoH, I stopped playing, mainly due to frustration over how they were repeatedly killing off my favorite character’s capabilities. I played Guild Wars for a short while after that, and there I had a Ranger/Warrior named Justicar Barbarosa. There was never any RP in Guild Wars, but I still played him, for myself, as if it were RP with the NPCs. I didn’t go around talking to the NPCs, that would just be creepy, but in my mind, it felt alive.

It was at this point that I decided upon a real name for him, rather than simply a title. I got rid of the german accent, and made him more English/British in nature. Barbarosa the Judicator, or Justicar Barbarosa was a title based off his appearance and demeanor/personality. I drew back to the lore of Shadowbane for his history, and the in game events to fill out his growth. Eventually, I saw a trend…

In Shadowbane, the main RP for my guild (Guardians of Aerynth) was in contention with another guild (The Undead Lords). The leader for their guild was referred to as The Lich. Alek’s nickname came from another area however. There was a church group called The Order of the Cleansing Flame, they were humans, with a hatred for all things not human. Basically… the KKK of the fantasy world. Well, I played Barbarosa as a half-elf, half-human*. His father was a priest of the Order, and his mother an elf mage. He was in love with her, and so he overlooked her not being human, but did his best to hide such things from the Order. When it was found out, his father and mother were burned to death. He was hunted for the rest of his life. His skills earned some fear, however, and he was called Barbarosa the Judicator because of the red beard that stuck out of his ranger hood, and his method of killing members of the Order in a way as if he were judging them all. Which, he was. In Guild Wars, the main villain of the whole story is a person referred to as The Arch-Lich (this was before the first expansion, Factions, came out). This allowed me to write his story out as if he went to another country in further pursuit of the Lich that led The Undead Lords in Aerynth.

After Guild Wars I went back to City of Heroes for a short while, played City of Villains and got back into it for some time, but once more got bored with the monotony of the game, and the general lack of endgame content. When I got bored with CoH, I then turned to World of Warcraft. A friend from CoH pulled me over, and I got to see first hand the craze about WoW. Not only was there a lot of content in the game, but there was a lot of content at all level ranges. This was what I was looking for in City of Heroes. To this day, if CoH had the amount of content that WoW has, I’d be playing CoH instead. Currently, Alek is a Worgen Warrior in WoW, and in ForsakenWorld (a free to play game a friend of mine told me about) he is a Human Warrior.

His story has gone through many revisions due to the continuity of the games I play him in. For the purposes of my story, I revert mainly to what I had in Shadowbane however.

Aleksander Zachery is the son of a Pious soldier of the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Haven. The capital city is Havenshire, a city built near an old, abandoned church within a forest they named The Havenwood. The church had served as a bastion for those who had to flee the destruction of a rampaging Undead army. A soldier guarding the refugees read the texts in that church and came a realization. There was a sword within the church, and armed with it and the teachings of the books, he rejoined the ranks to fight back against the undead. When the undead were beaten back, the church was restored, and a city constructed near it. Alek’s father was Mikael Zachery, an honorable war hero who aided in the formation of The Onyx Guard, a military formed within the Kingdom of Haven in order to fight back against another upsurge of undead attacks. However, there were people cautious about the formation of this new military. Eventually, Yami would poison the minds of those within the Onyx Guard, and had them turn against the Royal Guard. This revolt resulted in Mikael’s death. Aleksander took up the sword, and trained to be a soldier in order to fight back against the Onyx Guard. Aleksander formed a militia of his own once he had grown up, and matured as a swordsman, naming it The Guardians of the Oaken Crest. Alek had the uncanny ability to unite the forlorn citizens of the kingdom, and bring them together as a military to oppose the Onyx Guard’s takeover of the kingdom. Alek held other special traits. His mother was a woman by the name of Myst. She was not human, nor elf, nor anything many of those around them knew of. She was a Fae. A lesser fairy though she was, she possessed magic  unrivaled by any of the mortal races. She however forsook her magic, in order to live a normal life with the man she had fallen in love with.  Her powers brings some suspicion on them, and after his rebellion against the corrupted guard, he becomes a hunted man. Due to his heritage, Alek possesses a unique form of magic all his own, which aided in his struggles against the Onyx Guard and their demon corrupter. He eventually inspects the old church that was the origin of Haven, and studies the same books that the founder of the kingdom read. Through magic, he looks into the events of the founder’s journeys. In time, his militia eventually forms an alliance, through the brewing friendship between him and the Prince of the Elves, Elvulith Silverleaf.


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