WoW RP Servers – Take 2

Good RP servers are few and far between. Many people, more than most would assume, enjoy RP. However, finding the good RPers is the foot of the problem.

My first experience with Role-Play dates back to Rhy’Din RP in AOL chat rooms. (Props to those who know it) After that, the RP I got involved in took place in other online venues,  before I even started playing multiplayer online games. Shadowbane would be the first, and I hadn’t even been looking for it at the time. I was playing on the test realm one day, trying out a Confessor. Another player told me about the fun they had with RP on the Mourning server of Shadowbane, which he told me had been dubbed the unofficial RP server of the game. I joined the Mourning server, and that is where most of my characters in my story, and in WoW, began.

The first RP experience I had in WoW was on the Moon Guard server, even though I played on Shadow Council before that. The RP community on Shadow Council however was very inactive, if existent at all. On Moon Guard however there was always RP happening, in Stormwind, in Silvermoon, in Brill, all over the place. I also learned very quickly to avoid Goldshire at all costs… Enough said.

However, the problem with Moon Guard RP was that it was all group based. If you were not in a guild taking part in the Story Line, you were basically ignored. I played a Death Knight who would openly go to the Cathedral and pray… right in front of an order of Paladin, and I was not acknowledged. The same issue was true on Horde side as well.

On Wyrmrest Accord, there is a larger community of role-players, as well as more people welcome to random, and walk-up RP. This allows for a much nicer RP experience, or so I feel.

I don’t have any experience with other RP servers in WoW, but have taken peeks at others. Never anything ample enough to form an opinion that would be valid, due to my focus on my main characters on  Wyrmrest Accord. However, my desire to play Alliance again has made me make a character on Ravenholdt. I plan to follow through a bit more this time, and find out what the RP there is like, since I’ve seen some posts about the RP there.

If anyone has any info, opinions, or questions on the matter, please, feel free to ask via a comment or email.


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