20 Days of WoW: Day 3

Day 3: Your First Day Playing WoW

My first day playing WoW was a day filled almost entirely with downloading the game. Despite that, I stayed online long enough so that when it was finished downloading, I could play. Now, the friend that had gotten me to try this game out had gone to bed already, but I stayed up till 5am, which I didn’t even realize I had till I heard birds chirping, playing.

I started on the Farstrider’s server, with a Human Paladin character, and leveled up to 12. I was pretty much done with the Elwynn Forest quests, and was really excited that I perceived I had accomplished so much on my first day of playing.  It wasn’t till the next day, when my friend was trying to invite me to a team to join me that I learned I was on the wrong server. And as such, I started over on Suramar with him, as a Night Elf Druid.

All in all, my first day playing wasn’t anything spectacular, as it was by myself, but the days after that were wrought with my friend showing me around the whole world. In short, trying to kill me as he dragged a level 20 rogue through level 30 and 40 zones. Raptors leapt out trying to kill me in Arathi Basin, and I’d stab at them. I’d laugh as I saw “miss, miss, 12, miss, dodge, 7, 3, miss, dodge…” And he hits it with a frost bolt and a fire ball and it’s dead.

But, now I go beyond the first day, and I shall end it there. I was not new to MMORPG games, and so it was easy for me to pick up WoW, just a few unique things about WoW that I ended up learning after my first day, but there was nothing unique about my first day, other than the fact that I had chosen the wrong server.


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