Rift: Planes of Telara

I don’t have any screenshots from my short time playing this game during it’s Alpha testing stage, but I don’t really think it’s necessary either.

It may just be my lack of playing MMO’s, but it seemed to me that Rift was such a Carbon Copy of WoW. And despite my belief in that, every single person I was involved with in the testing tried to refute me the whole way. They tried too hard. And that’s the players and the people that made Rift. Everything I have seen from Rift can be easily compared to it’s counterpart in WoW, and even if these mechanics and game options are from games that pre-date WoW, then I’ll concede that it’s not from WoW, but it’s still unoriginal, which makes the game less fun. There’s always going to be similarities to other games because of how the genre of games are done, but there are some mechanics issues that if you want to be successful, you have to be unique and imaginative. That’s one of the reasons WoW is so popular and successful.

Every single ad for Rift has been in an attempt to sway people from WoW to play Rift. It has been such a blatant plan of trying to steal the fan base. The graphics in Rift are better, I will admit to this, and sadly to a lot of Gamers out there, the quality of graphics is #1 on the list for “Reasons I should play this game.” For me, graphics aren’t as important. Graphics are nice, but eye candy can only go so far. I require nice game mechanics and fun story-line development. Imaginative game design and unique ideas for in-game details.

1: Defiant vs Guardians – Horde vs Alliance. — This is not directly from WoW, it’s the basic good vs evil concept, but it seems to me that WoW was the first game to take this good vs evil concept and not force you into a player vs computer aspect.  You could fight against the computerized evil, but also had an opponent in players. PvP is no new concept, I understand, and WoW didn’t invent it, but online PvP prior to now has not usually been drawn out in this way. Even City of Villains came out after WoW had introduced Horde vs Alliance concepts.

2: Warfronts – Battlegrounds — Same EXACT concept. Enough said.

3: Soul Tree – Talent Tree — Again, same concept. Three things to choose from, one is your primary focus, the rest are for little bonuses. the only difference is that the Soul Tree allows you to choose which three you want to choose from, whereas in WoW you choose one class, and each class has three set options. Is that really a benefit? I made a character in Rift, with Champion, Paragon, and Warlord as his three souls. What did that give me? A character wearing plate armor, and capable of dual wielding, even two-handed weapons, with shout and banner placement buffs for myself and my team. What is that? A FURY WARRIOR. No difference.

4: Dungeons — I forget what they call it in Rift, but yea, Dungeons is not from WoW, it’s from DnD, but the point is, don’t even try to make this a benefit for Rift.

5: The only thing “unique” about Rift is it’s namesake, the randomly spawning Rifts/Invasions that you encounter in every zone, put into stages where you get money and item drops from completing each stage based off how much you contributed. Guess what people, that’s a Raid. The only difference is it randomly spawns, whereas in WoW you choose when to do it.

Rift has the same professions as WoW, a few tweaks to them, the ability to take 3 professions instead of just two, and no real racial bonuses to any profession or class combinations. In the end, Rift is a bore. It’s the same game as WoW with better graphics in my opinion, and why play a copy of a game that has already lived off 6 years of success, and 12 million subscribers? I’ll just play WoW.

Anyone want to take any stabs at differences between the two games or why Rift is better, give it a go, I’m up for a challenge. But no flaming. Flaming will simply be deleted. Only bring viable and true attempts at proving me wrong.


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