Game Mechanic likes and dislikes

My post on Rift just a few minutes ago now has me thinking on WoW more. While I acclaim that Rift is nothing more than a copy of WoW, I will not say that WoW is without fault. Nothing is perfect. WoW is by far the most enjoyable and best game that I’ve played, but it still has it’s fault. Oddly enough, one of the things I dislike about WoW, though dislike more about other games, is the main reason they’re so popular.

Class changes and the matter on PvE vs PvP. A few games I played before WoW put heavy focus on PvP. And in doing so, basically ran the PvE game into the ground. WoW makes changes to game mechanics based off WoW as well, however they listen to their entire community before making changes. At the same time however, they do make changes to the game to support PvE only and to support PvP only. They try to the best of their capability to please everyone. They can’t, but they try, which is what makes them more admirable. One thing I’ve always thought in regards to PvE vs PvP is that if changes are made to suit one side, but negatively affect another, there should be the option to not have it effect you unless you take part in the aspect of the game that change was suited to boost. In other words, if a character’s spell is debuffed because it is deemed overpowered in PvP, then that should only come into play when one is PvPing, and not knee deep in a raid. I could never understand why this was not implemented. I’m no game programmer, but I do have experience in web programming, including a little language called JavaScript. And a simple, basic JavaScript code could manage what I’m talking about here.

i.e. … “if target = player character, then activate PvP class mechanics.” “if target = non-player character, then activate PvE class mechanics.”

Why is it not that simple? I’m sure there’s a logical, game programming reason why that can’t be done, but I’ve always wished it could be done. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve respecced a character because of PvP changes done in game that makes my PvE build worthless in a raid.

This, among other things, has been an inspiration for me to one day create my own game. WoW has been doing, so far, pretty much what I’ve wanted to do, which is take all the fun stuff from gaming, and leave out all the boring or stupid aspects. Still, there’s some stuff in WoW that I’d leave out. Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now on that matter.


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