20 Days of WoW: Day 2

Day 2: Why You Decided to Start a Blog

Well, the reason I decided to start one came after a while of debating it. A friend of my father’s named Ronnie, who writes for WorkCoachCafe, says she got her start on WordPress and eventually was able to make money off the blog. Which, she did as she’s now a paid writer for WorkCoach. Well, the idea of getting paid to write has been something floating in my head for a while now, especially since I’ve been writing my own story. I’m no where near finished with writing Era of Unification, but I felt that this was a way to get it out there and seen, and possibly criticized, before I managed to get up the umph and money to get it published. The topic of WoW in my blog came secondary, as it wasn’t involved in my story directly at first, but I’ve begun to include it in my blog as well.

People have told me to confine what I write about in my blog to attract a more steady flow of followers, but I can’t work like that. My writing doesn’t follow one path, so why should my blog be that way? I like to write and discuss about literature, history, and gaming, so that’s what I’ll blog about, my interests. That’s a concise topic. Me.

I hope that those that have visited have enjoyed what they’ve seen so far, but even if they don’t, I’m still gonna write about it.


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