The ever continuing question of raids

It is beginning to seem that the thrill of raiding has disappeared. This past week, though servers were stable, or at least stabilized somewhat after the funkiness of patch week, that there was little response to raiding for this past week. I am now back to running heroics on my mage and on my shaman, looking to up my gear. I got new pants from ZG on my mage, and gemmed them up. I gemmed up my DK’s gear, and got him enchanted, to make stabs at runs in heroics with him as well, but running Heroic Deadmines was damned painful, as the healer even commented “They’re hitting you like you’re wearing cloth.” We got through it, but damn that repair bill. My shaman also got exalted with Earthen Ring finally, and now has epic boots, which gave him his Cataclysmically Superior, and one piece towards the Epic version of such. Still, my mage is better geared than my shaman. No matter what I run I don’t seem to get drops for my healer. He’s at an item level of about 342, while my mage is at 350 or so. Somehow, my DK is able to do heroics, though I was a bit shaky to try one. Deadmines was not my prime choice for  his first heroic, but I did get the Ready to Raid achievement from the first boss. Mario mechanics, if that were how raids worked in WoW, I’d be ecstatic. “Throw the fireball in his mouth and you win!”

Anyway, I might end up having to look to other guilds to try to get into raids. I wanted this expansion to be different, but it seems I simply follow a trend of getting raid content done when the next level is around. If there’s some Troll Raid out soon, before I get done with BoT and the others, I’ll be a sad panda.


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