That Violet Proto Drake…

So, Heather, a friend in the guild got the Drake reward for completing all the holiday achievements with her completion of Children’s Week this year. And that has made me ever more so determined to have it myself. On my mage, the toon I’m trying to get all the mounts I can with, needs to complete the Mid-Summer Festival and Winter Veil now, in order to get it. Mid-Summer is pathetically easy to complete, so that will not be an issue come June or whenever it happens. What will be the issue is Winter’s Veil. This holiday has always pissed me off, and one achievement I’ve never been able to do is Fa la la la la, Ogri’la. This achievement requires reputation with the Ogri’la Ogres in the Blades Edge Mountains, in order to do a specific daily quest. Well, I simply never went and tried to get those quests before, so I could never finish Winter’s Veil, as such, I had even less motivation to do the other achievements because I wouldn’t be able to get the meta, so I am making a goal. I shall get my rep up with Ogri’la so that come Winter Veil I’ll be able to do this daily, and finally get that Violet Proto Drake, come Christmas. My paladin needs Winter Veil, Valentine’s, and Children’s Week. I hope to be able to raise my rep with Ogri’la on both toons enough to finish Winter Veil with them this year, but I will focus mainly on the mage. If I can get it up on both of them however, I will hope to ALSO have that Violet Proto Drake on my paladin come next May. Those are my hopes. I shall of course also be trying to raise rep with Mag’har and Netherwing Drakes as I can for a nice chunk of mounts to add to my already 60+ mounts on Istalindir.



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2 responses to “That Violet Proto Drake…

  1. good luck with getting the last couple of holidays out the way so you can get your mount 🙂

    • Thanks, I look forward to getting them, because I like the Proto-Drakes. A lot of people I know seem to dislike them, but I like them better than the regular Drakes, and want to eventually get the Green Proto-Drake as well through Oracle rep. But, yea, I hope to get that by Christmas.

      On a side note Francesca, did you ever get my email address? I’ve been chosen in my guild as a substitute raid leader, or so that’s the impression I get, so I wanted to compare your notes on BoT and BWD to what I already have, to see if I could understand the fights a little better.

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