Huzzahs are in order

Well, despite my skepticism, I did in fact finish the pvp achievement for children’s week last night. With that, Istalindir is now a Patron, and now only needs the Midsummer and Winter’s Veil meta achievements for the Violet Proto Drake. What has held me up with Winter’s Veil the past two years has been the Fa la la la la, Ogri’la achievement, so before Winter’s Veil I will be putting forth an effort to raise my Skyguard rep, to get those Ogri’la quests. To Shatt’rath!

After I got that done, rather easily in comparison to the struggle I’ve had the rest of the week, I logged into my Warlock, and got him to 68 due to the orphan quests and finishing up some stuff in Nagrand. So now he’s ready for Northrend, and will be leveling up through Howling Fjord.

Today I am off from work! So I shall definitely be working on Ogri’la stuff today, and maybe get to stuff for the lock as well. Either way, a fun day will be had. See you all in Azeroth!


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