Role-play and Story writing

I feel like going out on a limb today, and talk about the least popular of my topics on this blog. That is writing. I’ve seen many writing blogs out there, and honestly, don’t know how to get as much of a response as they do. Probably the most obvious of answers is to leave all my WoW discussion, but I don’t feel like limiting myself. Because of this; Role-play. In World of Warcraft, I play on the Wyrmrest Accord server which is an RP server. On this server, aside from simply playing the game, which can get monotonous at times, especially at high level when not in a raid. Farming is tedious. Essential, but tedious, especially when you have a lot of higher level characters, and you want to focus on not just Blacksmithing of Jewel-crafting professions, but also Leather-working and Alchemy. We play out our characters, we have ongoing story lines that mingle or differ from the main story line of the game. Our guild is called Chains of Fate, and the premise behind the guild is that, we’re not all associated with each other, we’re not a military group or some church of the light, we’re just a random assortment of people who, by the Chains of Fate, manage to meet each other. Simple, broad, and fun.

I first started to Role-play years ago, on AOL. In chat rooms, there was an AOL RP community set within the fictional world of Rhydin, where I got a lot of experience in RP in the 90’s. This was back when AOL 3.0 was the new thing, and the Windows OS still had a DOS prompt. The first character I ever whole-heartedly set my mind to for playing in Rhydin, was a character named Jet Kurói. At the time, the name was chosen to honor one of my favorite anime characters, Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop. (Kurói is Japanese for Black) However, his history, appearance, and demeanor/personality was a mixture of many other anime characters I liked. I had many great and memorable experiences in that AOL RP, despite the DnD-esque dice  based combat system. On that note, I remember playing DnD when I was younger, but not to the extent that I actually acted out as if I were the character. At the same time, I never REALLY got into DnD because of the dice aspect of the game. Leaving my actions up to chance never seemed fun when I put so much effort into the character’s background and such. Case in point, a soldier having years of military training, failing to hit when swinging their weapon at a large spider. I’m sorry, what? No, that doesn’t sit right with me. I even tried DnD Online, and failed to really get into the game.

After Rhydin RP, I tried a lot of other communities, many never lasted a lengthy trial. However, a few years back, I managed to meet up again with someone I had been involved with in Rhydin RP, and they introduce me to their own RP community online. It wasn’t constricted to just AOL, though many of the people used AOL. It was a modern RP community, based around the books written by Laurell K. Hamilton. Now, this was my first time hearing about the  books, but they were about vampires and were-wolves, and others of the sort, so I was intrigued. My first character there was one named Yami Asakura, who was a Shadow Demon. (Catching up to how my brain works yet, people? =P) Combat here was much more nicely handled. The abilities of each type of supernatural creature were laid out on the site, along with the levels of increasing power for them, and combat was handled not with dice, but with an honor system based around the understanding of what each character type was and was not capable of. Thus the pros and cons of vampires and lycanthropes really had to be thought about to handle decisions before combat even occurred. I read Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake book series, and got into it till about the 8th book, when it got way to heavily focused on sex. Some sex here and there is fun, but when the whole story revolves around it, … well, it got boring real fast, and so after Blood Noir, I haven’t read a book. I’ve heard from friends that it’s gotten more focused on the story again, and not so much on the sex, but if I’m to pick up reading it again, I would have to pick up where I left off, and I don’t know if I want to read about sex, and sex, and more sex, before getting back to the story. This person had Penance Moments, based off this book series, set in the city of Las Vegas, then there was London Fog, set in … well, London. There was a lot of drama brought about from London Fog however, and as a whole, I lost interest in RP.

Well, recently, I found another group doing a similar thing. They don’t confine themselves to the Anita Blake theme however, and take up inspiration from other similar stories such as True Blood. I’m getting back into that genre of RP, and for the time having fun with it. For now, I play a vampire character named Santino, named for the character from The Godfather, and inspired by my own love of Italian heritage. If anyone out there is also interested in this sort of thing, check out the site at Wicked Labyrinth. Tell them Santino sent you. =P

As you can see, I have used the names, and basis behind characters in RP before even starting to write this story I’ve been working on. It still has a lot of work to go, but I’ve been drawing up the characters and background to it for years with the prior RP I’ve experienced, prior books I’ve read, prior movies/TV I’ve seen, and even games I’ve played. I will continue to do this, because this is truly how my imaginative mind works. I assure you there will be more crucial characters introduced in time, and who knows, Santino may find his way into the works. =P


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