From the Shadows, I stab at thee

Last night, we made another stab at BoT. After only one attempt (amazingly easier with Nether Scion, Time Warden, and Whelps, rather than Shale, Time Warden, and Whelps) we downed Halfus in a single attempt. Granted, we had a bit of an issue with keeping the group together at first. A Ret Pally DC’d, and never came back, then our Guild Leader/Raid Leader had a power outage and couldn’t come back, and we ended up replacing both with more DPS. (dps Warrior switched to Tank so we wouldn’t have to pug a tank). With that done, we downed Halfus, with some amazing DPSers. A Shadow Priest hit 29k, a Hunter hit 27.5k, Enhance Shammy hit 27k, and the rest of our dps were still all over 15k, the top 5 being above 20k. However, we did have a low guy on the totem pole, the #7 DPS being a Warlock at 13k. Still, we downed Halfus easily, and then went ahead to Valiona and Theralion. We couldn’t manage to pull off that one, as a few people got pulled into the other dimension on one attempt, and another had some bad RNG placing a Shadow Breath attack turning to everyone right as we were on her tail. Half the team died there, including one of the healers (>.> Me).

Tonight, we make another stab, as we try weeknight raiding this time around, instead of weekend. We’ll see how it goes with more of our usual crew. (Greypaw, the raid leader, would have definitely done more DPS that that lock >.>)



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4 responses to “From the Shadows, I stab at thee

  1. Congrats on getting down Halfus! V&T is I think partly based on luck. Some times we’ve one shotted it, others wiped a few times.

    How’s the raiding in general going?

    • Slowly, the guild as a whole has varied schedules it seems. Last week we had to pug a few people, partly because of the DC’s, and partly because we don’t have enough people geared to do it. I’d like to bring my mage, for instance, but I am one of two whole geared healers for raiding, so unfortunately, that’s a no go.

  2. With the new 4.1 dungeons it’ll make gearing up alot easier 🙂 crossing my fingers that you get to raid on your Mage soon!

  3. I doubt that will happen. My mage is geared enough for raids as is, but as of right now, the guild leader and I are the only ones with geared healers.

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