New Level 85

Last night, I made the push and got Astalder, my DK, to 85. He now needs some serious gear upgrades to get him ready for heroics, and I hope to get that done as quickly as possible, because now with leveling up his Blacksmithing, I need some serious mats, including Elementium Bars en masse, Truegold Bars, and Chaos Orbs that can only be attained from final bosses in heroic dungeons. I’m working first on a purple belt, that costs 4 Hardened Elementium Bars (i.e. 40 Elementium Bars [i.e. 80 Elementium Ore] and 16 Volatile Earth), 3 Truegold Bars (i.e. 9 Volatile Fire, 9 Volatile Water, 9 Volatile Air, and 9 Pyrium Bars), and 2 Chaos Orbs. I’ll be making one for myself eventually, and hopefully get enough Orbs to make another for Draken

Despite my eagerness to get him geared up, I also want to do  heroics on my shaman, to build up enough Justice Points to get the heirloom items I want for a new rogue. However, I think I’ll just put that on hold for now, and start gearing up my DK. Though at the same time, I do need to get some better gear for my Shaman as well, to get him performing better in raids.

Speaking of raids! I finally got to go to Bastion of Twilight on Friday night. Now, I didn’t do nearly as much preparing as Francesca from The Girl Plays WoW did, but we did manage to take down Halfus. Unfortunately, the only piece of healy gear that dropped, was plate. And there was a mail agility piece of gear for a hunter or enhance shammy. I’m Resto and Elemental, so I called out… “Move the stats from the mail to the plate, and the stats from the plate to the mail….” I’m goofy like that. So, no gear for me. We cleared the trash up to Valiona and Thalidon but we couldn’t down them just yet.



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4 responses to “New Level 85

  1. Hey…gratz on Halfus, shame no loot, think I’ve been really lucky in that respect.

    Get a friendly alchemist to make you truegold, the mats are cheaper than buying the bar itself. Typically on my server it’s 50g plus mats for a friendly alchemist or 550-600g per bar from the auction house. The mats cost about 200-250g

    Gratz on singing 85 with the DK. I started an alt on Friday and she’s level 30 now, a Druid. I haven’t played a melee class before but I’m absolutely loving my feral kitty…definitely think she’ll be my next character to 85 😉

    • Oh I don’t need to find anyone. My mage is a miner, and I’ve got tons of Pyrium already and Volatiles. My guild master is an alchemist, so I shipped her the mats already.

      On another note, not sure what the economy is like on EU servers, but in the US, RP servers are insanely expensive. If I could get the Truegold bars for 500-600 a piece, that would be amazing. Unfortunately, they’re up for like 2k a bar here. And the final products, i.e. the belt I’m trying to make, ranges from 8k to 15k.

  2. Wow I wish truegold sold for that much on my server…I would be rolling in gold lol.

    I did start my Druid on alliance mainly to see what it’s like being worgen…I lasted 2 days before I faction changed to horde, but surprised that stuff was more expensive…150g increase in true gold for example.

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