Nerd vs. …

I picked up a couple books at the Library the other day. The supposed three books called The War of the Rose trilogy, by Kathleen Bryan. Never heard of it before, but there was a special drawing at the library, for anyone who rented three books, they could put their name in for the drawing. I chose these books because they seemed interesting.

As I have seen in other books, there was a little thing on the first few pages. “A Tor Book”. I’ve always wondered if that was supposed to be a world that many authors took part in writing about, but was never certain. Then, I decided to look it up today. There’s a website! On that site, I saw a blog and the first post on the blog caught my attention. A Response to the NY Times Game of Thrones Review. The comment from this article that caught my attention was, “Why did the article get my geek girl knickers in a twist? “ I literally laughed out loud at that comment. I absolutely HAD to read further.

I’ve never heard of, much less read or seen Game of Thrones, but after reading this article, I positively have to take a look. I am interested in anything that involved medieval time periods, which is probably why I was interested in reading the War of the Rose trilogy. Hope it turns out better than The Awakened Mage. It still will be some time before I do so, having to wait to finish reading the books I got from the library, and the free time to look into Game of Thrones. In time though, it will get done.


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