Blind Searches

I have to admit, I was curious today when I logged in and saw I had about 100 views in the past few days. Astonished! Flabbergasted, even! Exit… stage right…

Anyway, I had a certain search bring up my site, a seach simply for Silver Crest Alliance. And I thought, surely, my site should be all that comes up from that search, but I created this name for a group in my story, who is searching such an uncommon grouping of words. Well, I searched it myself on Google, and found that I’m not the only thing on that list.

So apparently, there’s some mortgage lending company named Silvercrest Alliance, as well as some Consultant group, called Silver Crest Alliance LLC. My site comes up as #5 on the list. The way my site is described/shown on the Google search, I doubt people are looking there when looking for one of the others, which brings me back to the question, what are they looking for when they search that name, and come to my site?

Anyway, this little bit peaked my interest, it may not yours, but, oh well. On with the show. Tonight, I shall continue what I’ve been doing the past few nights, and that’s working on the professions of my Death Knight in WoW. He’s up to 513 out of 525 Blacksmithing. The rest of BS will take some time, as new recipes will cost 20 bars of Elementium a piece, at the cheapest. I can work on his Jewelcrafting as well though, which is dreadfully low at 150/525. I have ore strewn about my many toons to work with, but I know I’ll have to do some mining somewhere, to get the materials to level up. Once I get to Outland Level, I have tons of gems sitting in my bank. So, onward ho!


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