Matters of Combat – Raiding, War, PvPing

The first attempt on raiding cata content with my guild did not go so well. I went on my mage, and ended up not pulling enough damage. That was understandable, since I wasn’t at the hit cap yet. However, since then my mage has reached the hit cap, and can now pull roughly 10-11k dps. However, the guild seems to need healers, so I’ve been gearing up my shaman. As of friday morning, I got enough valor points to buy him a relic to replace his old il 316 relic he had been using. Now, aside from 325 boots and a 325 relic, everything he has is now raid worthy. His average il is 339/340, and I’m hoping that we raid soon. There was a general lack of acceptance for a run last night, but tomorrow there will be a guild meeting relating to raid availability, so we’ll see what happens after that.

Also, due to these facts, I will upload new screenshots of Istalindir and  Hajiru to reflect their new raid-ready appearance eventually.


In League of Legends, I have gotten back into playing a bit, and have been focused on playing Warwick. At first, when I went back, I had some serious rust buildup, and had to remember how to play, but since I cleaned off that rust, I’ve been averaging 20 kills a match with Warwick. At the same time, I’ve had some significant death numbers, and eventually, I’ll shave that down, but for now, I’m satisfied. Topping my old record with Ryze, my new best overall ratio is 29 kills, 12 deaths, and 16 assists. I delight in facing tanks, and have even come across some other Warwicks that gear more based along the suggested items in game, which only makes it easier for me to kill them. An enemy Warwick with a Warmog’s Armor nearly made me squee, though I remembered that I’m a guy so in the end I merely laughed out loud. I hunted him down relentlessly. If you have questions or suggestions about my Warwick build, feel free to comment about it here, I have no qualms with helping other Warwicks out … so long as you don’t play Warwick against me. =P


As seen in Shi no Kage no tani, Chapter 20 ushered in the start of the First Elven War. Chapter 21 will be posted soon, but I shall be leaving the First Elven War in a gap of time, picking up the writing at the end of the war. There will be other Elven Wars to write about, but to give actual description on the events of the war is currently beyond my grasp. In other words, I’m not sure how to detail the events of the war in a state that could work like the details of the Clone Wars for the Star Wars tv series. I don’t know enough things to write about to detail a war. As such, chapter 21 will pick up after the war, and will continue the main theme, that being the struggle against Yami.


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