Continued Naming Issue

My main naming issue at the moment now is not for people or races, but rather places. Mainly, my struggle has been with the continents. Working on the next chapter of my story I have found myself at a dead end, constantly referring to “the eastern continent” and “the southern continent” but having no name to label them.

As was written in the “Fighting the Apocalypse” excerpt from my Segregation Eras prequel story, I chose the name Verdania for the Western Continent. I did this because of the fact that in my head, the Western Continent has a lot of green land and forests. Verdant means Green, and maybe it’s just me, but sounds similar to another word which means lively or alive, so it’s a double meaning. I can’t think of what to use for the other continents.

The Southern continent is green, but less foresty and more open plains, with red mountains dividing the northern region from the southern region.

The Eastern Continent is more rocky, less green. There’s a dark forest in the southern region, for the Drow, a desert further north on the west side, and on the east, and furthest north, is a mainly rocky area, which is pretty much unplanned in my head, since I haven’t really thought of other races for t hat area. On the far north east, is a group of islands where the Japanese and Chinese would be situated.

In the center of the large ocean between the western and eastern continents is the Aerie, named simply because that’s where the Bird race will be, once they’re introduced into the storyline.

Lastly, north of the Aerie, I plan to have a arctic continent, mainly snow covered plains, some warmer climate regions on the far south end of it, where some grass may be visible, but mostly, it’s a snow covered area, where there will be some surprise introductions later on in the story that I don’t feel like spoiling at the moment.

Anyway, that’s where I stand, I still don’t know what to name those three remaining continents, so if any of you out there have any ideas, let me know.

-Edit- P.S. — I still plan to draw out the continents at some point, but my artistic talent is more of a lack there-of, so it will take some time, and I hope to have someone help me after I do my rendition of it to at least make it look nice before I display it here on this site.


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