Recent Activity Updates and a Look Ahead

Work and my Story have taken all my attention in the recent few weeks. In my free time I have managed to take a few peeks in WoW, in fact, last night my guild did OS3Up, and I won the Black Drake on my mage. One more step towards that mount goal. I am ready for raiding with my mage, but the guild as a whole does not seem to be ready, so I am unsure when our next attempt at a current raid will be. Oddly enough, I’m not really bothered or worried about it at the moment, so I’m in no rush. For the time being, that gives me more time to work on raising rep on my mage to further my mount goal.

However, I will still be working on my story mainly because I am still inspired to do so from the anime I’ve been watching recently, which was Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and even Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha. There’s a lot of each in my story, and a lot of WoW and Lord of the Rings basis as well, but till I hit that next road block for writing, I’ll keep at it.

The next grouping for my chapters will be skipping ahead of the war mentioned in the last chapter, and will show what has transpired since the end of that war. Not sure what I’ll call the next grouping yet, but it will come to me soon, I’m sure of it.


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