Busy Day

Well, on Sunday I spent the whole day watching Bleach and Editing/Writing more on my story. I posted a great deal of chapters since the last update, in the efforts to get all I’ve written so far proofread and posted so that you could see it. Hopefully it’s been enjoyable so far.

I’ve been inspired to get back into it really, because of what I’ve seen from Naruto and Bleach, having gotten some ideas for the abilities of my characters. Of course, I wouldn’t reference things like Kido, Reiatsu, or Chakra, but the concept of special abilities has been piqued and many ideas inspired from what’s in these two shows is already working in my mind, and waiting to be put to paper. I’ve started implementing it some, but the real meaty bits of it is still in the works.

Anyway, chapters 8-15 have now been posted, and can be found at…

Chapter 8 – Digging into Yami’s Past, Chapter 9 – A Dark Kinship, Chapter 10 – Planning for the Past, Chapter 11 – Those Hidden in Darkness, Chapter 12 – Good News, Bad News, and Worse News, Chapter 13 – Preparations, Chapter 14 – Corruption and Clarification, and Chapter 15 – Misery Loves Company.

I have another 6 chapters to finish proofreading before I post them, and I plan to condense my page list with chapter grouping. The first grouping will be called “Shi no Kage no Tani” (which means “Valley of the Shadow of Death”) so look for that in the near future. Until then, enjoy the reading.


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