Ideas From Somewhere in my Mind

I have come up with an idea to include Yami in a Demonic Triumvirate within my story. The concept that there is “always someone stronger” comes to me from watching Naruto in the past few days. It’s not something that’s new to me, it’s just that Naruto reminded me. No matter what progress one achieves, there is always something harder down the line that challenges you once again, and so, the idea that Yami is only the first of troubles, and perhaps many in the following, makes me think of other demonic entities to bring into the story.

Of course, Yami is the name used by a human once he unifed himself with the entity of a demon named Kuroi. And after watching some of Naruto, I feel like including demons of other origins other than shadow. For instance, after seeing the Demon Fox from Naruto, I am inspired to have a fire based demon join in the story. Perhaps Yami is brought into this group of demons that use him for his power, but little does he know that they seek to bring Kuroi back to his own body. Yami is disposed of, Kuroi is released, and Kuroi joins the triumvirate with a Fire and a Poison based demon. Their triumvirate spells new doom and danger for the twin alliances in the world (i.e. Silvercrest Alliance and Orcish Legions). Perhaps, design the demons as a counter to the Fae, thus creating a demonic triumvirate, but with a different word than triumvirate, that was in the same number as the Prime Fae. (There are 8 Prime Fae, so 8 Demons wouldn’t be a triumvirate) Of course, then there’s the possibility of the Prime Fae of Darkness siding with the Demons… *chin scratch*

Also, the idea that a demon could possess multiple forms, as was seen in Inuyasha, brings me to thinking again. To combine the idea of a fire based demon with a humanoid form, but also something animalistic to emphasize their origin… Perhaps a dragon with flame, a snake with poison, and then for shadow, a panther or wolf.

Oh the ideas flow and flux, I must go writing stuff down now… But before I go, here’s some demons pics… just for the hell of it.


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