Between episodes of Naruto yesterday, I was logged into WoW, working on my Archaeology on my Mage. I didn’t get as far as I did when I first started leveling it up due to my desire to watch more and more of Naruto. I can’t help that I’m hooked on it. >.>


I found more and more Night Elf and Fossil sites than anything else and was able to get them up high enough to discover my first rare finds. One of which was a “Statue of a Druid and a Priest” but I have no idea what it’s purpose is, since it’s the first non grey item I found. The next rare find was for the Fossil collection, and was…

I hope to have that hatchling’s older counterpart soon enough, which will be one more mount down for the 100 mount mark. I still have to push myself to pick up the rep needed for some other mounts. I am working every day these next two weeks though, so I don’t know when I’ll have enough time to do so. Wish me luck.



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