The Long Winding Road

Did my Therazane and Dragonmaw dailies today on my mage, and shuttled some money over from my Shaman to my Mage to be able to head over to Storm Peaks today. I got the last of the materials I needed, and so I am proud to say, that … AT LAST …

*bad Governator impression* Get to the Choppa!!!


Dear lord, it’s been far too long gathering the needed materials (mostly the cash to buy the materials) but I finally have a bike of my own. I hope to make one for my Goblin as well eventually, but that won’t probably happen till after the next expansion. Either way, it’s one more mount towards the 100 mount mark and the Red Dragonhawk. I should focus on some Mag’Har rep and Netherwing rep soon to push for that some more. Either way, Huzzah’s are in order, and wish me luck for the rest of the journey!


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