Update on the Era of Unification

A new page of my Segregation Eras pre-story has been posted. Check it out at Segregation Eras: For Blood and Victory. This time, it discusses the Orcs in general, and the races involved in their history prior to the events of the Era of Unification. I still have a few other races not included, such as the Dwarves, Gnomes, and a few other minor races, but I think the only one left for me to really delve into history wise is the Dwarves, as the minor races don’t play a big enough role to formulate a past for them. Maybe in time, however, once I get the Dwarves page posted, I’ll start posting the Era of Unification story. I don’t want to clutter the site with endless pages though, so I may have to post elsewhere and merely share a link here to that.

Anyway, with that aside, check out the Orcs history and let me know what you think, especially those following along on Twitter and Facebook!


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