A Brand New, Yet Exactly the Same, World

Yesterday, I transferred my main characters from Moon Guard to Wyrmrest Accord because I was tired of playing by myself on Moon Guard. I teamed up with Ragnis, Fnor, and Katvon to do a Heroic, and we got pulled into Shadowfang Keep again. This time, we went through a series of tanks, without any success in downing the first boss. We went back and forth with how to finish off this boss, with no luck. After 5 different tanks joined us, and wiped once each, they bailed. One, actually, never even attempted, and left with saying “I don’t like Guild Groups.” Why  anyone wouldn’t like guild groups is beyond me, but whatever.

Because of the attrociousness of all those tanks I decided to start playing up one of my own. So, I took Astalder over to Hyjal, and started questing there. Eventually, we got Graypaw to give us a hand, and so we jumped back into Heroic SFK, with a full guild group. We downed Baron Ashbury and Baron Silverlaine, but couldn’t get Commander Springvale down, and gave up there. With that we confirm, Heroic SFK is one of the hardest Cata heroics. Fie and foo on those who say Stonecore is tough. We did that, also with a full guild group, with no difficulties. One wipe came from taking too long to down an Ogre, and ended up with adds from a Sentry, which forced us to run for it. This time, though, Ragnis was tanking on her DK, I was healing on my Shaman, and we had a brand new 85 mage join us, as well as Fnor and Heather for the last of the DPS.

However, I shall be leveling Astalder next, to help the guild tank. We have an excess of healers, and lack enough tanks to do ample heroics or even think of raiding. So, I’ll be focusing on Astalder’s Blood Spec for now, and getting him to 85 ASAP, so I can do what I love, and tank for the guild. I’ll level up Doren after, but for now,  I’ll focus on Astalder first. Of course, this has also made me get into RPing the brothers again, and I look forward to some sort of connection with the others of the guild. After all, who knows what the Chains of Fate will bind us to?


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