Holiday Meta Achievements

Tonight is the last night for the Lunar Festival, and last night, I finished what I needed for the Elder title and meta achievement for the Lunar Festival event. Once someone gets all the Holiday Meta Achievements, the player gets a 310% flight speed mount as a reward. I have been trying for this for some time, but the same thing holds me back each time. General lack of interest to do the individual holiday event, and the laziness to spend the time in getting the more tedious achievements, such as Battleground achievements for the Children’s Week holiday, and the sprinkling snowflakes on specific race/class combinations for Winter Veil.

Well, last night I finished the Lunar Festival achievements, and got some of the stuff needed for Love is in the Air, which involved sprinkling rose petals on specific race/class combinations. I still need a Troll Rogue for that one, and the alliance combinations such as Human Death Knight, Gnome Warlock, Draenei Paladin, Dwarf Hunter, and Night Elf Priest. I put a lot of effort into doing this on Dorenduil on Moon Guard, but I eventually lost the urge, interest, and energy to do so when I was doing it all alone, and had no one with me. I started doing this on my Mage, and so perhaps, by christmas we’ll see if I can finish this time, and get this holiday mount on him. If I can, well then I’ll definatly be shooting for 100 mounts with him. I would like to, though, try to do the same on Dorenduil.

Wish me luck? Give me some pep talk-ish words to inspire me to keep at it? And if you happen to be on Moon Guard… HELP ME! Please?


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