Bringing Down the Mountain

After I got home from work last night, I hopped back onto my mage, and did some more quests in the Twilight Highlands. I continued after that chain of quests that led up to killing Zaphod Beeblebrox, and went on to fighting Cultists and Elementals on a ledge above, and into a mine shaft. This area pissed me off to no end, as everything was exceptionally strong, or at least it seemed so. On top of which, they were respawning quickly, especially in the mine shaft.

At two points during these quests, I got help from some friends in the guild. Once, Greypaw chimed in to help me with some exceptionally tough Elite creatures, then later on, Eli dove into the mines to try and help me get out. However, it turned out, with the last quest, there was a portal that took me back to the entrance of the mine shaft, so I ended up diving back in, to help her get out. She is a priest though, and didn’t really need my help. However, Eli got her Vial of the Sands, to turn herself into a Dragon, and after the mine shaft quests I got to ride her. (Giggity!)

She couldn’t help me with any of the quests after the mine shaft unfortunatly, because the whole area was phased, and since she hadn’t done any of those quests yet, she couldn’t see what I was fighting. I got to a point with a very humerous quest, where I had to retrieve a weapon called “The Hammer of Twilight”. I was stopped however by Cho’gall and Skullcrusher the Mountain, and got backhanded. I then flew back up, and the next quest was to defeat Skullcrusher. He had 12 million HP, and was treated as a raid boss. I had three NPC’s  helping me, and after dieing twice I figured out how to use the elemental alters to help in the fight, (and of course my own usage of Mirror Image and Time Warp) and took down the Mountain! … I didn’t get any screenshots early on, but…

It was an interesting ordeal to say the least, but in the end, it was quite exhilerating to be able to say I took down a Raid Boss with only the help of three NPCs. As Garrosh would say… “To be of the Horde, you must remember these words. Lok’tar Ogar… Victory, or Death! I don’t tend to quote Garrosh, because he’s a pompous warmongering buffoon, but .. what can I say, this moment made me proud.


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