First Cata Heroic

I didn’t get any screenshots, but last night, on my mage, I tried my first Cataclysm level heroic dungeon. We got Shadowfang Keep, which I celebrated because I thought surely, this will be a cinch.

Well, I was wrong. I joined the que with Greypaw and Ragnis from my guild, both druids, one a healer and one a Feral dps. We got a Paladin Tank and a Rogue as our last dps. The Rogue, on the first boss, was not attempting to interrupt Pain and Suffering, and therefore died. It was pretty much up to Greypaw to interrupt, because my interrupt has a much longer cooldown. Ragnis was running out of mana through the fight, and could not keep us up after that 25% health mark. I don’t blame her though, even though our Tank did. The Paladin was the prime example of an ass, spouting off obscenities left and right because of these two failures against the first boss. Now, Chains of Fate is pretty much an R/X Rated guild when it comes to how we talk in ventrilo, and I don’t care, but this Tank was just being rude. He blamed the rogue, which while founded because of how he failed to interrupt, could have been dealt with better by saying “Kick when he casts Pain and Suffering”. Dust off hands, job done. Next try, what happened? He kicked, viola! Game over. So to speak. However, that wasn’t until Ragnis got sick and tired of the tanks attitude and left. We got a priest to down the first boss, then Greypaw left. And I left after the next boss, because the tank just kept being a punk.


I am not new to heroics. I have never run a Cata heroic prior to last night, but I’ve leveled up my mage here through Burning Crusade content, and did PLENTY of heroics and raids. Same for Wrath of the Lich King. Heroics and Raids. I’ve tanked on another character in BC heroics and raids, and Wrath heroics and raids. I’ve even HEALED in Wrath heroics and raids. This guy needs to take a seat, and chew on a pill, because WoW is not srs bsns.

In the end, I didn’t finish the heroic because of the rudeness of the tank, but today I hope to amend that and finish up a heroic.

Before the end though, I saw a Frost DK doing 11k dps, and that made me happy, because I really don’t like Unholy spec, and would rather not have to switch my DK from Frost to Unholy for his dps spec as well. Having to change his tank spec from Frost to Blood was already a disappointment.


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