First Month’s Post

On January 9th I started this blog. I had for some time debated doing it, because of what I heard from my father.  A friend of his had used WordPress to blog about career and job hunting advice, and eventually made money off of it. Now, she doesn’t use WordPress anymore, and I really have no aspirations, at this point in time, to make money off my blog, but I have felt the desire to post my writing on this blog to share it with the world, as I work on it to get it publish-worthy. Along the way, I decided to mention other things of my interest, like the authors I like, and the gaming addictions I deal with. =P

Well, since January 9th, I have received 319 views. The day isn’t over yet, but at this point, I don’t see it getting many more views today. However, 319 is pretty good, or so I feel, for one month of activity. However, I’m a bit dissatisfied, since I haven’t had much of any responses to it. People view, but they don’t comment. Is my blog interesting? Is it droll? I don’t know. Let me know! I would like to keep discussing what interests me, yet in a way that interests you readers. Let me know what you think, what you want to see, or perhaps what you don’t want to see. Especially when it comes to t he writing I’ve posted on extra pages of my blog, let me know what you think.

If you want, you can even tell me which of my posts you liked the most when/if you leave a comment. Please do though, feedback is desired!



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2 responses to “First Month’s Post

  1. I found your blog because of the C.S. Lewis tag, which is one that I have used and subscribe to. After browsing around your pages a bit, I might hazard a few answers to your questions. One reason you aren’t getting much traffic or commenting is because it’s not clear what your focus is. People viewing your blog won’t come to you asking for you to focus your writing on one thing or another — they’re going to look to see if you already know what you have to offer. Are you reviewing stories? Are you going to write about philosophy in fantasy literature? Or how gaming affects your everyday life? Whatever it is, I recommend giving your blog one very clear focus. For my blog, it’s reviewing fantasy and sci-fi stories. Books, movies, webcomics, graphic novels, whatever — if you visit my site, you know what you will get. (It also helps that I use a specific, easy-to-read format for my reviews).

    Two, to post regularly, often, with reasonably consistent quality.

    Three, label/identify posts clearly for what they are. I personally tend to gravitate towards blogs that let me know at a glance what a post will be about: is it a review? A movie recap? A Top 10 list? A musing on a favorite author? I want to be able to quickly find what I’m looking for. Also, use Categories and Tags smartly, for this same purpose.

    Four, it’s just plain hard to get comments on blogs, no matter how interesting your writing is. Blogs are a dime a dozen, and of the people who do read them regularly, I don’t think many will follow more than a small handful of blogs.

    Beyond that, promote your blog to your friends and family as much as possible. If you are a member of any writing groups or online discussion groups, particularly ones in the genres you want to write about, then promote your blog there. I can’t promise a flood of traffic, but all these tactics have gotten me at least a few good comments in the past 3 months. Good luck!

    P.S. Also pay attention to WordPress’ Site Stats feature. It’ll tell you which Internet searches your blog is coming up on, and how visitors are finding it.

    • You found it via the C.S. Lewis tag because I put all my tags on this post for a purpose. I discuss my own writing at times, but I also have a few posts that discuss my inspirations to writing, that being C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien mainly. However, thanks for your input.

      I don’t really care if I get thousands upon thousands of views or comments, I would just like some feedback, since that’s the whole reason I started this blog. I started writing a long time ago, and I’ve been through many revisions of a lot of the stuff I’ve written as I got older and learned more. I don’t review or critique anything, I’m just posting my own writing, and throwing in some day-to-day stuff about gaming as well.

      The purpose behind my posting my writing was to get some critique on it, so I could make it better, and hopefully one day publish some of it. If I were so lucky. I try to promote as I can, through facebook, through twitter, and to my direct friends and family. In the end though, thank you for your heart-felt effort to at least help out. Not many would care to even bother these days.

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