Progression at last!

So, I worked hard for most of the day today, trying to get my mage’s gear upgraded enough to get into heroics. It was stressful dealing with the way Blizzard averages the gears’ item levels, but after a few dungeon runs and doing Crucible of Carnage, my gear is set up and ready for heroics. Crucible of Carnage is the Cataclysm version of Outland’s Ring of Blood, and Wrath of the Lich King’s Amphitheater of Anguish. After doing all three, I got a new achievement, and a new staff. A Very Manly Staff to go with my Big Blue Dress.





















There were two of the bosses I didn’t get screenshots of, and they weer Lord Geoffry, a Worgen who liked to use his carriage as a weapon,  and an oversized, fat Ogre named Hurp’derp. I kid you not.

In the end, I can now run heroics, and I shall run at least one tonight, I hope.


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