What a day…

A day to remember desperately try to forget


Well, tonight at work was … quite the night. It all began as usual, however, it all went to calamity when a certain ID popped up on the caller ID. Along with the number, it labeled the caller as … “Neighborhood Ho”. Keith picked up the phone, right quick, and spoke with the Neighborhood Ho, or as she was otherwise known … Miss Johnson.

Well, it wouldn’t end there. We of course called back, or at least, Sym did, and only responded with “Oh, sorry, I think I have the wrong number, I’m looking for “Neighborhood”. To which, was responded “Well, you might have the right number.” Sym hung up, and “Miss Johnson” didn’t call us back, or so we think.

Shortly after, I got a call which was labeled as “Thor” and I said, “Dear lord! The God of Thunder is calling us!” The caller, when even asked for his name, said he was Thor.

The night continued in this fashion. We got a call that in Compton California, a driver for Autozone was seen picking up a prostitute. When asked how they knew the woman was a prostitute, she said “Oh she’s wearing heels and got her ass out, she’s a prostitute alright.” Sym said “That’s me on a daily basis, what is she saying?” This caller, also by some strange and disturbing coincidence … belonged to the “Neighborhood Watch.”

Finally, we got a call about an Apria Healthcare vehicle doing … something, I’m not sure what, but was delivering to a housing community named Stallion. Sym looked it up, and it was marked as … “An Active Adult Community, for 55+” If that wasn’t all, when verifying the decal number, Sym said “Is that 879 D as in Dave, D as in Dave?” and was responded with “No, that’s 879VD as in Venereal Disease.” Dear lord, what has happened to Safety First?


We’ve got Stallion, the Active Adult (Nudey as Keith put it) Community, delivering oxygen tanks to these 55+ people that have prostitutes all around, and living in this community is Miss Johnson, the Neighborhood Ho; and Thor, the God of Thunder!



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