Relearning the Paladin.

Dorenduil has been one of my main characters for a long time. He was my first character to reach 40, 50, 60, and 70. I learned, along the way, what to do, and what not to do, as a DPS character, a Tank, and even a healer. I played him through quests, old world dungeons, Outland content, and heroic dungeons. I never raided with Doren till after Wrath came around. My first attempt at Raid tanking was for a guild group that had already started Naxx, but needed a new tank to finish. I had done some raiding in Naxx with my mage, before attempting with the tank, so I knew what to expect, but had never attempted to tank anything other than heroic dungeons until that point. Of course, the part they had finished were the two easy sections of Naxx, and so they were pulling me in to tank the last three sections of Naxx, and I was scared as hell. However, in the end, it turned out that I tanked better than their guild off-tank, and was actually telling him what to do…

I hadn’t been in a steady guild early on in the Wrath times with Doren, and so I didn’t get to tank raids all that often. In fact, it made me stop playing him after a while. I came back, however, just before ICC came out. I got better gear doing the ToC dungeon, and then went into the ICC dungeons, and suited up even better. I would soon be skipping over the ToC raid, and jumping into ICC with all Tier 9 gear. Quickly, I got better gear, because I had then joined a guild that knew what they were doing, and weren’t <radio edit> about loot. I got to really love Doren again because of his AoE capability, putting out a lot of damage for a tank, and still survive. Between Seal of Command, Hammer of the Righteous, Avenger’s Shield, and Consecration, I could keep tons of mobs on me.

Now, the Cataclysm mobs are tougher, and even tanks with nearly 200k HP (I was dancin’, feeling like top dog with 50k in ICC) are taking  heavy hits due to having one mob more on them then they intended. This makes me feel sad, and makes me wonder if I can enjoy the Paladin as I used to. I’ve tried tanking as Doren, and I’ve not been doing as well as I used to, so I’ve taken an alternate route. I want to tank for all my friends. So, on another server, Wyrmrest Accord, I’ve started focusing on another Paladin. Valaya hit 29 last night, after being pulled into a group for SM: Graveyard, and did ok, but I did notice some threat leaks. Of course, as soon as I hit 29 I was able to learn Hammer of the Righteous, so that will help me keep aggro better (since Crusader Strike only hits one target). Though I have to say, I’m not liking the whole Holy Power thing really, and the fact that I need Holy Power to even use some of my abilities like Shield of the Righteous. I can’t help but feel jyped really, but I won’t degrade this post to complaining.

In the end, I shall be leveling up Valaya, to relearn how to play, most specifically tank, with a Paladin, and hopefully rekindle my desires to play Dorenduil.



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2 responses to “Relearning the Paladin.

  1. I saw you just joined 20sb, so i thought I’d stop by and say welcome! I’ve never played WOW, but I hear it’s awesome.


  2. It is indeed! xD And welcome to my blog.

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