Achievements! Huzzah!

Well, today before work, I managed to finish off some quests in the Twilight Highlands, and get my mage to 85. Following which, I toured around, and got the last of the Elders that I needed. Still not finished with the achievements for the Lunar Festival, but at least I got the elders. Tonight, or tomorrow, I’ll have to trudge through some dungeons. I also went around, and purchased a few lone mounts I didn’t have yet, and … Huzzah!


50 Mounts!! So, as a reward for getting that, I am awarded a new mount. Albino Drake! Huzzah! Halfway to 100, now the hard part comes in. Gotta raise Outland reps such as Netherwing Drakes and Mag’Har.


But, here he is, my reward for collecting 50 mounts.




Camels from Ramkahen, Talbuks from Mag’har, and Nether Drakes from Netherwing, should get me pretty darn close. There are 8 Talbuks to learn, and I think 8 Nether Drakes. Not sure how many Camels you can get. But, that should at least get me past 75. The quest begins…


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