The Coffer of Promise

Ok, finished the Harrison Jones quest chain before work today. I have to admit, it was really fun. I got some more screenshots, and am ready to share how it ended. Next up, I had to head north, and deal with a third location. The Obelisk of the Moon. In order to get there, I had to fight my way through more of Schnottz’s men. And a few Dragons… Helped blow up a campsite above the actual Obelisk’s underground chambers, and then went down below.

Then, we went up top and had an altercation with Schnottz himself.

He made has fight an Obsidian statue, and ran off. Of Course, Harrison Jones chased after Schnottz, leaving me to deal with the huge thing on my own. I managed,  but still! Thanks a lot Jones! Well, we left, and went back in search of the coffer. And we found it! But …

Is the coffer talking? Oh wait, this must mean …. the role of Sean Connery is played by….

Brann Bronzebeard!? Oh, and Schnottz … never touch the Ark of the Covenant. I mean … the Coffer of Promise.

I suppose it’s fitting that a Dwarf play Sean Connery’s part. You know, that whole Scottish accent thing. Either that, or Brann has been drinking some whiskey. Anyway. He tried to pull a fast one on me in the end.

He almost had me walking with him all the way to the Halls of Origination… Brann you sneaky ol’ Dwarf!








With all that done, I head back to doing the quests for the Tol’Vir. Will probably only get a couple done before I have to head to work, but hopefully, by the end of the night, I’ll be finished with the Uldum quests, and I’ll move onto Lunar Festival, before it disappears.


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