Next up is…

Started to focus on my Mage yesterday, and so he’s now 84, and working in Uldum. I finished Deepholm completly, and while stuff was respawning way too quickly, and it was a hassle to do those quests as a weak, and easy to kill mage, the quests themselves were fun. One quest chain I truely enjoyed, involved fighting an elite, where I had to get these wards, to protect myself against the damage he dealt. It made me feel, and look, like a TRUE arch-mage, which just so happens to be what Istalindir is in character.

After finishing Deepholm, I leveled my Engineering a little, then went off to Uldum. And of course, took part in the Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Lost Ark quest chain.

Of course, it’s funny enough as is that they took the name of the actor and the character and mixed them together to make an NPC in WoW. That made me laugh by itself. But, you should see all the other bits of it. I gathered some items and activated the Obelisk of the Stars, and the Obelisk of the Sun. After that, I was sent out to go undercover for the German Goblin in charge. SHULTZ!

Of course, that didn’t go over too well… And it got kinda sketchy, but I have friends in high places.

Ah good ol’ Indiana Jo… I mean, Harrison Fo… I mean …. that guy. Well, gotta head to bed, so I’ll be stopping the chain here for now. Will finish tomorrow, or the day after, because I also still need to finish the Lunar Festival stuff on the mage too. Nevertheless, he will be 85 real soon.


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