Memories from the Age of Strife

Was looking through even more old screenshots, and I found… this.

Barbarosa the Judicator, the original character I played in Shadowbane. The sad thing is, he’s like … level 70 in this screenshot and only has 2k and change health, and 400 mana. Wow…. beast.

He continued into many of the games I’ve played since. In fact, he’s the character Aleksander Zachery in my story.

Here’s some more pics from his travelings throughout the worlds of gaming.


Shadowbane, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, but no WoW pic. Can’t get the ranger-esque armor with a two-handed sword wielder. In fact, can’t find any armor in the game that looks ranger-esque at all, so he can’t be recreated in WoW. Never tried in Rift, but again, the armor has pre-set looks in Rift, so wouldn’t be able to get something that looks like what I had in Shadowbane.


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