City of Heroic Memories

At one time I loved City of Heroes. I used it to get away from Shadowbane, but truthfully, any game would have done. But at one point, City of Heroes was superbly fun. I was looking through my old screenshots today of all the games I’ve had, and I came across some CoH/CoV ones that really made me think back. Ah the fun I once had.

 Well, Protoman X is me. He was a Radiation Blast / Traps Corruptor.

GammaRad is Jeff’s Radiation Blast/Radiation Emission Corruptor. He once was the guy that got me so into playing Kinetics, but just as it happened in the City of Heroes World, he suddenly up and disappeared, and was never heard from again. The first time, he went to EQ2, and we didn’t see him for ages, till shortly after CoV was out. Then he went off to Battlefield 2142, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Saura is Woody, who also went off to play Battlefield 2142 since this screenshot, but he’s popped back in a few times, to say hi.

I … don’t quite remember who IceFury is. If I were to make an educated guess, I’d say it’s Lee. But, I’m not 100% sure.

Of course, you guys know nothing, generally speaking, about these people. Nevertheless, they’re all friends I knew in the City of Heroes/City of Villains world. Didn’t know them prior, and only Lee has remained ‘around’ to keep in touch with really. He still plays City of Heroes/Villains, and I still have to see if he and the Horsemen Supergroup are going to try DCUO.

Now,  here’s a screenshot of my main, and most beloved character, from the City of Heroes series…

I might consider reactivating my CoH account … again, someday, but I don’t know. It just is monotenous to me now. The only thing I had real fun with the last time I reactivated was the custom mission archs. I created an arch involving a villain group I called the Syndicate. Then, Going Rogue came out, and there was a Syndicate group added. So … >.> blah. But still, I enjoyed making the mission arch. Mark, Teddy, and Christine tried it out, and Mark condemns it as hard as hell, but … it’s still easy as pie compared to WoW encounters.


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