The One Who Loves to Tank

That is me. I posted a list of my main characters in WoW, and if it hasn’t been noticed, I love to tank. I’m sure once all who wish to has had a chance to look, I have a DK Tank, a Pally Tank, and a Warrior Tank. All of which are on Moon Guard, and I have a low level Druid who is not yet mentioned on that list, who shall function as a tank when it’s needed, as well.

I have learned, in my own way, how to tank with each class (still learning with Druid obviously) and have always worked to help others if they needed it, and have taken tips from others. I refuse, though, to take tips from the site Elitist Jerks, because the name speaks volumes to me. I originally distrusted the site simply because of the name, but gave it a chance, and looked. I have to say, they make some points, but the points they make anyone with a brain in their head can make. The stuff I disagree with is because of personal preference perhaps, but it seems like more work then needed at times. I’m all for being lazy, even in game. If you can get the job done, why stress even more about it to get it done right. Was there a problem in the first place?

Well, anyway, ask away if you have tanking questions, I’ll answer any thrown my way. I’ve raided Vanilla, BC, and Wrath content, haven’t yet done any Cata raiding, but I think it won’t be too hard to pick up.

Call it macho if you want, but there’s something about standing amidst all the enemies, keeping them focused on you, and laughing as they can’t kill you (partly because of my skill, but of course also in big part due to the healers, but still…) that makes me feel like Tim Taylor. *Que Tim Taylor macho barking/grunting* *Que Old Spice commercial catch phrase “Because I’m a Man”*

Anyway, ask away. Comment away. Whatever you like, let me know what you think.


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