Healing in Cata

Last night, I took Haji and his Elemental gear, and put him in the que for a random dungeon as a healer. I made a few switch outs with some spare gear I had in my bags, but mainly, he was using exactly what he uses for Elemental. Well, for my first ever Cata dungeon as a healer (and first cata dungeon in general for that matter) I got thrown into Halls of Origination. (Damn Brann Bronzebeard doesn’t know how to stay away from Titan Relics.) I didn’t do so grand, by my standards, though my team got through it with no deaths (except for a team wipe that occured because we ended up with a pull that came up from behind me, while I was casting a heal on the tank. I went down, and the rest soon followed. The rest of the instance went relatively painless, though I ran out of mana more times in that one instance then I ever have on this character from level 1-85. I nearly went through a full stack of water…

I definatly miss being able to keep everyone topped off, and never having mana issues, and I definatly miss the tanking ability my Paladin and DK had back in Wrath; I feel underwhelming now. I’ll have to, at some point, run some old stuff to get bunches of Justice Points quickly so I can afford some better gear. Need to stack some Spirit now, which is disturbing. I didn’t need to worry about it, now I do. Even in Elemental spec it helps, which annoys me. But oh well, I’ll keep trying my hardest, and just get better gear. It kind of annoys me now though that I need the gear to heal better, when just my skill alone was enough to keep a whole raid alive by myself.


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