Enhancement Shaman WoW!

So I made a Goblin Shaman when Cata first came out. Due to my computer issues, I had little time to actually play him, and he’s coming along slowly because of it. Well, I wasn’t even level 20 yet the other day, and I ran an instance. I did over 100dps prior to level 20. That I find amazing, since I’ve seen people in Hellfire Ramparts (prior to Cata) struggling to pull 200 or 300 dps. Which made me laugh, at the time as well as now.

So, I think I’m gonna be loving Enhancement a great deal now, and am gonna enjoy leveling this guy up. Hell, he might be my second 85, despite that I have numerous other characters already at 80+. He’s that fun. I’ll post some screenshots tonight, when I’m home from work, but for now, let’s just say, Go Goblin Go! If there’s anyone on Moon Guard interested in RPing as well, look me up. Main characters are Dorenduil and Hajiru, and the Goblin’s name is Konti, in honor of a friends Goblin character from another game. Since he made it quite clear he has no intentions of playing WoW. Dunno why, but oh well. If he won’t keep the Goblin alive, I’ll do it for him. For you, Ben!


And here we are, screenshots of Konti the Goblin Shaman.


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