Moving Onward in WoW

Now that Hajiru is level 85, the next step is to gear up and get ready for heroics and raids. I know I’m not ready for heroics, so it will take some time running regular instances, especially since I level to 85 as strictly Elemental spec, so I have no gear better suited for healing, which is what I would be pulled into an instance for 9 times out of 10. However, I noticed, while looking through the Justice Point purchaseable gear, that there were only two sets of gear for mail wearers. Gear associated to a caster(Resto Shaman or Elemental Shaman), and gear associated to a melee fighter(Enhancement Shaman or any kind of Hunter). In prior sets of gear from vanilla to BC, to Lich King, there were seperate sets for Resto and Elemental Shamans, so this sort of works out well for me. Once I have enough Justice Points to purchase gear, I can outfit both my specs. I’ll basically only need to substitute out some trinkets and jewelry for some hit rating to better suit Elemental.

Sadly, the Goblin Shaman I made as soon as Cataclysm came out will still need, when he gets to that point, to purchase two different sets of Justice Point armor, because he’s set up as Enhancement right now. Debating if I’ll make his off spec Resto as well, or a second Enhancement spec for PvP.

I might also just play other characters till I get a working computer, and not a laptop, again. Been working on my Orc Warrior some in the past few weeks, getting his blacksmithing caught up to his level, and getting him started in the Northrend quests. Or, I could level up my other Hajiru, who is a Death Knight on another server. He’s been sitting at 75 for a while now.


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